• "Welcome to Gary Johnson Senior Photography! I love photographing high school seniors because you are so much fun and excited about your future. I try to make you feel so comfortable around me that your true spirit and personality shines through as I am capturing your senior pictures. We can go to your favorite locations, photograph you with your best friends, and capture you doing your favorite activities. I am looking forward to meeting you to discuss your portrait ideas!" Sincerely, Gary Johnson

Senior FAQs

Frequently asked questions:
My High School says I HAVE to use a specific photographer for my senior photos. Do I really HAVE to?
  • Only for the yearbook photo…the rest is up to you!  Honestly, we are not very good at the “smile at the camera stuff” so take a good look at our work!
When should I have my senior photos taken?
  • Usually the summer before your senior year.  Some wait until a few weeks before graduation (usually the guys), but booking sooner gives you a much better chance to have them done exactly when you want.
I decided I want you to take my senior photos – now what do I do?
  • Great! Call (209-536-1760) or email (gjphoto@comcast.net) and we can set up an appointment for your consultation.  We do our consultations here at the studio and of course at no charge.
How do you pick the style or location where you shoot?
  • We typically choose the locations depending on the style and look you are after.  Of course you can request a location but let’s chat and see what would suite you best.  Ultimately it’s all about you so tell us all about you and let’s see where that takes us.  Feel free to email us photos of suggested locations, we love new places!  Our locations are in local locations, travel fees may apply for other areas, just ask.
Can I bring someone with me on the shoot?
  • Of course! Bring mom, dad, friend or anyone else who is important to you.  General rule is…bring whoever you need to make you be most YOU.
How long is this going to take?
  • We shoot until we “get the shot,” until we aren’t having fun anymore, or most commonly, we are so happily tired that we can’t move another inch.  No limits!  We shoot quickly and encourage lots of movement.
I’ve seen photos in ads or magazines that I like – can we try something like that?
  • This is almost mandatory. Tear out lots of magazine ads and bring them to your consultation…this tells us a lot about your style and the direction you want to go.
What do I need to do to get ready for my photos?
  • We will go over all those particulars at your consultation…no questions will go unanswered.  Looking forward to connecting with you!